A couple of missionaries have us put together their digital newsletters using materials they supply. We then send these to their supporters via Mailchimp.

By having us take care of setting up Mailchimp and designing their newsletters, these missionaries can focus on content and the people part of their ministry.

There is a place for social media and for regular email but newsletters coming via Mailchimp tend to get noticed since they give the impression they are “official” communication that have some structure and thought put into them.


Mailchimp newsletters can include a link to your website.

Past Mailchimp newsletters can be viewed from your website.

Your website can include a form people can use to sign up to receive your Mailchimp newsletters.

Mailchimp newsletters have an easy way for people to unsubscribe from the list so you can rest assured you are not sending them to people who do not want them.

Mailchimp newsletters are an easy way to send out mass mailings without inadvertently sharing email addresses with everyone on your list.